Bal Thackeray Upgath Vima Yojana

Bal Thackeray Upgath Vima Yojana

Bal Thackeray undoubtedly is the biggest name in Maharashtra and the legacy that comes with his name still lives on. So when the State Government of Maharashtra decided to plan a scheme for accident victims, there was only one name that came up – The Legacy himself, Sir Bal Thackeray. 

What is the scheme all about? 

There has been an evident rise in the number of State Government yojanas over the past couple of years. Out of these, the one that addresses a stroke of fate was seemingly a necessary amount of reassurance. Accidents are something that could change the way you live your life from that point onwards. 

Knowing that the government has your back in such cases is lifesaving reassurance. This scheme basically covers victims of an accident. The beneficiaries of this scheme get medical assistance of ₹ 30,000 under any recognized medical trauma centre. 

The scheme is primarily aimed to cure the mental trauma of patients who have been victims of serious injuries because they happened to meet with an accident either while driving or walking. 

Prime objectives of the Bal Thackeray Upgath Vima Yojana

The main objective of this State Government Yojana is to help victims of accidents financially, to offer proper medical assistance to those who need it, and to provide the victim with treatment for three days in order to get one’s mental stability back. 

Who are eligible for this scheme?

This state government policy suggests that the state government will pitch in ₹30,000 towards the treatment of accident victims. This scheme is aimed towards mental instability that follows an accident; however, there still happens to be a definite amount of blurriness about physical injuries. 

The scheme also mentions that the victims of an accident will be treated for three days, which means that this scheme is not ideal for bigger injuries. 

In conclusion

Accidents are a common occurrence in a state bustling with people. However, if the hand of fate happens to play wrong by you, you know you have it covered. Courtesy, Shri Bal Thackeray. 

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