Free Tablet Scheme

[Apply] WB Free Tablet Scheme 2021 – Free Tabs for Students in West Bengal

While the pandemic has disrupted every aspect of normalcy, academics have suffered the most. Businesses and governments will make back the money they lost, but how can students bring back their academic year? There is no rewind button on their studies, and this gap year has affected the career pathways of millions across the nation.

To enable students to bridge this gap year and resume their studies seamlessly, the West Bengal government has initiated the Free Tablet Scheme which will offer free tabs to students.

About the West Bengal Free Tabs scheme 2021

To enable students to catch up with their studies which are largely on e-platforms these days now, the West Bengal government has announced the Free Tablet Scheme. Under the implementation of the scheme, the state government will essentially provide free tabs for students in West Bengal and roughly about 9.5 lakh students studying in government or government-aided schools will benefit from the scheme.

Each beneficiary student will get one tab under the implementation of the scheme.

How to apply for the online free Tab scheme in West Bengal?

In order to avail of the benefits offered by the scheme, the candidate has to apply for an online form. To get the tab free of cost, each student in government or government-aided school or madrasa has to apply and fill an online registration form from the state government website or a dedicated portal, which is underway at the moment and shall soon be live for eligible candidates in West Bengal to avail.

Eligibility criteria to avail West Bengal Free tab scheme 2021

To avail the benefits offered by the scheme, the eligibility will be decided by adherence to the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be a resident of West Bengal state.
  • She or he must be studying in any of the government or government-aided schools or madrasas.
  • The candidate must be studying in Class 12th.
  • The annual income of the family of the applicant, from all considerable sources, must not exceed ₹2 lakh per annum.
  • The applicant must clear all her/his prior examinations; basically implying that the student should not have any backlogs.

List of documents to apply for the scheme

Having these documents handy will help the application procedure go by smoothly:

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. School ID card
  3. Residence certificate
  4. Mobile number
  5. Recent passport size photograph.

Summing it up

Students have it rough for themselves, especially those from poorer backgrounds who cannot afford the luxury of procuring electronics as and when the need arises. Such impediments should not affect the student’s academics, and hence the West Bengal government has decided to intervene and help out those who really need it.

With this scheme, deserving students will now receive access to education in a whole new format, and they can finally get started with their studies.

The pandemic may have pushed portions behind, and though learning methods may not be something students are usually well-versed with, changing times demand adaptability – which is a greater test of life than any for which students these days can appear for. 

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