Andhra Pradesh Free Laptop Scheme

The free laptop scheme was launched by the State Government Of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2020. Technology has become a necessity in this age of digitalization of education. Online courses to skill learning videos have become an essential part of a course curriculum. It is important to equip the students with a technological device like a laptop for better performance at their course of study.

Hence, the scheme has been ideated and implemented especially for visually challenged students who are enrolled in professional courses. The proposed scheme also includes students who have hearing & speech impairment, and are orthopedically challenged. The specially-abled students mentioned in the scheme would get free laptops from the Andhra Pradesh Government for their technological support in advancing their professional courses and career.


This scheme caters to visually challenged, hearing & speech impairment and orthopedically challenged students. The students must be enrolled in a professional course. Initially, 200 laptops worth Rs.30,000 is to be distributed free of cost.

The student has to have a permanent residence or should be a domicile of the state. The Department of Welfare of Differently Abled & Senior Citizens, Assistant Directors, and District Managers have been given the responsibility of managing the programs.

Laptops would be given free of cost whose parents earn below Rs.15,000 per month, then, at half cost to students whose parents earn between Rs.15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month, and at full cost to students whose parents earn more than Rs 20,000.

Students can apply online for the scheme at the Andhra Pradesh Government portal to avail of the benefits.


  1. To provide infrastructural support to specially-abled students.
  2. To encourage technological education.
  3. To support students from marginalized households.
  4. To help create a professional career for the students.

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