Mahila Samarthya Yojana

UP Mahila Samarthya Yojana 2021 (उत्‍तर प्रदेश महिला सामर्थ्‍य योजना) – Complete Details

For the longest time, states like Uttar Pradesh have garnered the reputation of not being supportive of women’s development and empowerment, owing to regressive traditions and beliefs. However, the winds of change have begun to enter Uttar Pradesh with the UP Mahila Samarthya Yojana – wherein the women of the state will now receive support from the State government to go ahead with several modes of income generation.

About Uttar Pradesh Mahila Samarthya Yojana 2021

In order to inspire the women of Uttar Pradesh to be income generators for their family and to not be seen as a liability to their families, the State government has decided to offer financial assistance to women so that they can pursue their entrepreneurial dreams in the long run.

The main target of the scheme is to encourage women to increase their income through cotton and home-bound businesses, which are a huge hit these days in the presence of far-reaching technology.

The need for the scheme arises from the fact that there are roughly about 90 lakh Micro, small and medium businesses all across the state and they could benefit largely from the financial boost offered by the state government.

Implementation of the scheme

To implement the scheme, and to ensure that women from SHGs and MSMEs get the due support they deserve, the state government has allotted committees. The execution of the plan will be carried out by these committees.

These committees will be established on two main levels:

  • State level
  • District level

These levels will ensure that work is done at the grass-root level of the state and that all women in the state get a chance to uplift their businesses and earn a fair means of livelihood for themselves.

Impact of the scheme

Over the last couple of months, this endeavour has helped women all over the state to reach out for more. With sufficient funding, women based organisations can now aspire to reach out to bigger markets and expand their customer base. This being the internet-era, reaching out to customers and receiving due feedback is all the more instantaneous.

Women have managed to meet work targets, reap profits and expand businesses even in a post-pandemic world. This funding has and will help more women all over the state, and eventually inspire more women to start businesses and be revenue-generating mediums for their families and societies.

In conclusion

Over the years, women empowerment has become the need of the hour. With the society growing to be all the more progressive, more avenues are opening for women, and this scheme implemented in Uttar Pradesh is a sign for all.

Times are changing, and now, women have also grown to be an integral part of the national economy. The Mahila Samarthya Yojana in Uttar Pradesh is a testament to the undying spirit of womanhood, and the support feminism receives from authorities. With more such schemes coming into the picture, women empowerment is now as prevalent as it gets.

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